Exciting interior design trends of 2022
March 3, 2022 10:34 | 2 min read

Exciting interior design trends of 2022

Modern residences can expect to see more reflective glass surfaces this year, with hygienic materials, designer ceilings, and eco-conscious tastes adding to aesthetics and functionality.

Design trends keep changing, so maybe this time of the year is perfect for giving your house a new makeover. Even as we embrace the new normal, 2022 brings new hope and aspirations for the world of architecture and design. According to designers, this year offers a new perspective -- a fresh lease of life to lay the foundation of innovative design trends that are here to stay.

We are sharing with you, practical design elements and materials that can help revamp the look of your house.

Make Room for Drool-worthy Wardrobes

Slide into the world of the trendiest wardrobe designs that impart elegance, pack a punch with storage and bedazzle the aesthetics of your interiors. Reflective surfaces impart an element of visual lightness while adding to the sense of expanse. So, why not upgrade your wardrobe with lacquered glass shutters that are available in numerous colour variants? Not only do they look elegant and effortlessly achieve a contemporary look, strategically placed mirror finish shutters can add to the functionality as well.

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Style Up Your Kitchen Shutters

The role of a kitchen has evolved from a sole culinary space to a parallel hangout zone. So, it's time to enhance the kitchen aesthetics. Enliven your kitchen design by bringing in patterns and contrasts. While kitchens are high-traffic zones prone to smoke and fumes, high-gloss, waterproof and hygienic glass shutters come in handy, offering durability and resilience with highly reflective surfaces. If your kitchen is compact or lacks natural light, this can bring in added illumination. Another popular 2022 trend, is the use of two or more high-contrast or low-contrast colours. For example, if your kitchen has neutral tones, then add colour with lacquered glass shutters.

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Infuse Luxury with Shower Cubicles

There's nothing like a nice, long shower. But water from the shower area spilling over to the rest of the bathroommakes for an unpleasant shower time. Shower glass cubicles offer a luxurious showering experience while demarcating the wet area from the dry area of the bathroom. Sleek and elegant, glass shower cubicles are available in numerous design possibilities like framed or frameless, for clean-line minimalist styles. They can allow seamless views from the wet to the dry area of the bathroom, or offer more privacy with etched or frost finishes.

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Add Wow With Gypsum Ceilings

Enhance your home décor and imbue an element of calm by adding visual interest to the ceiling design. Replace boring ceilings with gypsum ceilings as they work in any area of the house and are a perfect way to achieve a cosy atmosphere. Achieve bold shapes and create tray lights to draw the immediate attention of the eye. Gypsum ceilings bring in an element of surprise and help maximise the potential of the interiors.

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Embrace uPVC Windows

The role of a conventional window has evolved from just being an opening for bringing in light and ventilation. The past couple of years have made us reconnect with nature and adapt to a more environment-friendly way of life. And that's where uPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride windows come in. They can improve the home's thermal insulation and energyefficiency by reducing the heating and cooling costs. So you get bespoke interiors and lower your monthly electricity bills too. In addition, these windows provide acoustic insulation that add to one's well-being. uPVC windows ensure comfort, enhance the aesthetics, are recyclable and eco-friendly too.

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So if you plan to revamp your house, these five tips can help you explore a world of new options. With a little planning, you can add to the comfort of your home and bring in the latest design trends as well.


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